Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Sunny San Diego!
April 2009

Paul & Madilynne ran in and out of the waves too many times to count! I don't think I have heard her laugh and have seen her smile for such a long period of time. And of course, Paul adored seeing her sooooo happy!

The pretty purple towel featured in this picture was our first family suvenoir for the trip. We went to the beach the first night we were San Diego w/ a bag of burritos and planned on just watching the sun set. Who knew the water would swallow 2 kids and a dad whole! That is the most expensive and cheap (quality) towel I have ever purchased. But, it kept Madi warm and Mitchell got to wrap up in the Emergency blanket in the car. Dad just bucked up and rode back to the hotel soaking wet!

Mitchell just enjoyed the warm wet sand between his toes, ankles, knees, and butt crack! He LOVED building and playing in the sand. He could have spent the entire week there and been perfectly happy.

Mason enjoyed the sand and loved to watch it catch in the wind from beneath his cubby little fingers. The water was little to intimidating to him. He was perfectly content to sit next to Mom and watch the waves roll in.

Mission Beach was our first stop of the California Vacation 2009. It might have been our total favorite if you account for price. Burritos $ 20. Sand Toys $ 5. Parking $0. Smiles & Laughter $0. Sand in every crevas of your body $0. Suveniour Beach Towel $16. Quality Family Time . . . PRICELESS!