Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Fun?

I can't believe the month of August is here!
I have been dreading downloading my photos from the summer.
It took over an hour to download nearly 900 photos!
But now I can recall what we have enjoyed as a family
...and nothing is better than seeing my children's smiling faces!

The photo above and Lil' Miss Madilynne, enjoying a summer swim in the backyard with cousins and mom on Lifeguard duty!

I am going to try and play catch up in reverse order starting with the oldest and see how I do.
Hope you enjoy!


We celebrated Mitchell's 7th Birthday in true Mitchell style....

Did I mention LEGO. We had a lego party!
We had a lego building contest and a scavenger hunt!
Mitchell had a blast.
It's hard to believe my 1st baby is seven.
He is so inquisitive and none stop! Lord, give me the patience to keep going!

I made his personalized Lego cake from scratch! It was chocolious! And mind you my batteries died on my camera right after this photo was taken, bummer. I think my dad snagged extra pictures form me, I just need to find them.

After the official birthday time and friends went home, we had a family Easter Egg hunt in our front yard. The kids had a great time and it was over in lickedy split record time.

The 2nd Birthday we celebrated in April was Paul's. He turned 33! That is really hard to type....where has all the time gone. I remember being courted by a very young 21 year old, not to long ago, and enjoying warm summer nights and early mornings.....before kids...before a house....before many other worries of these times!
How time has kept on going, yet I still feel young at heart. I love my dear sweet heart and everything he does for me and our family. May the years be as kind to me as they have been to you! Happy Birthday Paul!
Paul's brother Adam, also celebrated his birthday in April, just 2 days after Paul. Happy Birthday Adam!


How do throw a Princess Pedicure & Tea Party?
Sanity goes out the window, tarps go down, and let the little giggles begin!

Madilynne turned 4 in May and she lives in a Princess World!

She is the girliest girl I know!
Dresses. . .Pink.
Shoes. . . Sparkles.
Lip Gloss. . . in every accessory bag she owns.
Skirts. . . for every hour of the day, to change at least 3 times.
Frills. Fluff. & Drama!
Purple. . . accents pink nicely.
Ruffles. . .
Pink. . . . and more pink.
Painted finger/toe nails. . . at least every other day.
Dolls. . . . bottles. baby blankets. rocker. cradle. stroller.
Barbie. clothes. shoes. accessories.
Dress Up. crowns. tiara. ear rings. gloves. rings. necklaces. bracelets. jewels. purses. lip gloss. Mom's high heels
Pink. Did I mention PINK?

I love the little world of sweetness she lives in! Her smile is PURE sunshine each and every day!


One year older and wiser too.....
Madilynne just beamed at Preschool graduation.
Ms. Jennifer was a delight to work with and Madilynne just loved her!

Madilynne loved all her little friends
But one stands out the most.....Dear Bella!

Allergic Reaction!

Have you ever seen an allergic reaction to Novocaine or peanuts?

Not sure which this was, but it looks painful, none the less!
Benadryl 50mg anyone? STAT!