Friday, January 29, 2010

The Canyons

Paul & I went to the Canyons to ski on Saturday & Wednesday this past week. The powder was great and we had an awesome time.
Paul's brother joined us for his second time ever on a snow board. He ate a little bit of snow but overall did a great job!
Heather's little brother Nathan skipped out on a day of school and came to hang with his big Sis on the slopes. He seemed to enjoy himself as well.
Paul, Adam, Heather, & Nathan at the top of the Tombstone lift at The Canyons.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

A friend of mine recently asked Mom's to write what a typical day is like. So here is my typical day when I am not a work.

0700 - Wake up...Oh my goodness, Mason actually slept in until 0700,
instead of 0530. What a blessing.
Everyone up. Mitchell gets dressed w/ a lot of coaxing.
Dress Madi & Mason.
Mom puts on work out clothes in hopes of relieving
some stress.
Breakfast for all & clean up.
Laundry In & Out
Make lunches.
Unload the dishwasher.

0810 - Everyone wants honey toast to eat on the road. Toast for 3 coming up!

0815 - Load all 3 little ones & off to school for Mitchell.

0840 - Unload 2 little ones and off to the Elliptical.
Ran 4 1/2 miles in 32 mins, feeling good.

0920 - Load 2 little ones, pick up an extra, & off to Preschool.

0940 - Quick pick up in living room.

0945 - Laundry In & laundry Out

0950 - Put on Diego for Mason while I worked on organizing the Misc. drop-off counter.

0957 - Realized I had a meeting @ 1000 at Mitchell's school for the upcoming Book Fair.
Loaded 1 little body & headed to the school.

1100 - Volunteered in Mitchell's class.

1130 - @ Home, Lunch made.

1145 - Lunch Time

1215 - Put on a show for Madi & Mason.
Laundry In/Out
Thaw out chicken for dinner.
Shower for MOM

1315 - Nap time for Mason in Mom's bed.
Oops, mom enjoyed a 20 min nap her self.

1345 - Computer time - Bills, budget, e-mails, organize mail.
Laundry In & Out

1450 - Load 2 little bodies to pick Mitchell up from school.
DI - to unload the back of the car that had been loaded for a week.
Sports Chalet - to rent boots and ski poles for a Ski Date w/ Paul on Wednesday.

1630 - Unload 3 bodies, SNACK TIME, Homework, Dinner Prep.
Laundry In & Out.

1745 - Dinner w/ the entire Family. (I love those nights!)

1815 - Clean up: dishes, table, counters, & little hands.

1830 - Fold 8 loads of laundry from today and the day before.
Where does the sock monster live?
Paul helped to put it away too.

1930 - 3 Little ones dressed in P.J.'s and story time.

2000 - 3 Little bodies in bed and quiet!
Mom & Dad time!

Well, that's a typical day if I am not working at the Hospital. A lot to cram in to prepare for the following day, and we start all over tomorrow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memory Loss

Yesterday Paul & I got to spend a wonderful day @ the Canyons.
Paul snowboarded while I skied.
There was a ton of new powder, lots of places to go,
and no checking of head gear into the ground or Paul by Heather.

Mitchell, Madi, & Mason spent the morning w/ Nana & Papa Lewis,

Heaven sent time away from the kids!

We got back to pick up the kids and Nana was explaining to Mitchell that her dog,
Toby, had a girlfriend.
Mitchell was very curious and asked
"Does that mean they are going to make puppies?"
Nana then explained that Toby had been "fixed"
and couldn't make puppies any more.
Mitchell smiled and said,
"Oh, I get it. Being fixed is like having memory loss!"

So, to all of you who have been "fixed" I hope you find your mind soon!