Friday, April 3, 2009

Mitchell is a BIG Six Year Old!

Today we celebrated Mitchell's birthday, at his request, with a theme of Lego Star Wars. No fear, not to worry, Mom can think of anything. Right! Right? Right? OH BOY! Did this require a lot of imagination and planning and creativity.

Mitchell had any cousins who could attend come. That included, Hunter & Carly, and Addison & Jacob. And then he also had some additional friends, Kaylie & Ean Packard, and Steven.

Mitchell requested a Lego Star Wars birthday cake! And since no bakery can garantee me PEANUT-FREE we, meaning Mom, got creative. I used a wonderful (Damn Good Chocolate Cake) recipe and worked my magic. I thought it turned out pretty cute and the kids abosultely loved the idea of eating legos. And the adults even raved about the taste!

All of the kids were able to decorate their own Jedi Robes, constructed from paper sacks and mom's cutting and stapling skills! Then Paul introduced himself as Luke Skywalker to instruct his new Jedi in the use of their light sabers! Grandpa did a great job as acting as Darth Vader w/ actions noises included.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DEAR, SWEET, MITCHELL MAN. I can't believe you are six!

Grandpa Lewis, Heather, and Paul!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Time

We went to St. George over Valentine's Day weekend to be with family and celebrate a wonderful Homecoming of Alex Kefalas, Paul's cousin. We had a great time with family and even enjoyed St. George snow!

Aunt Roberta and Paul

Alex Kefalas - Returned MIssionary

Uncle Gene and Aunt Roberta

Heather and Cammy Kefalas (Paul's Aunt, mother to the RM)

The Three Stooges, Madilynne, Mason, and Mitchell

Goodness, Grapeness!

I can't deny the things that truly make you happy. I have three of them everyday to remind me and make me laugh. Grapes are delicious and entertaining!