Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Mitchell lost his first tooth this week, at age five. Paul helped him pull it while I was at work. Paul told Mitchell that the Tooth Fairy had to be notified by Mom before she would come. So the Tooth Fairy got a phone call the very next day, when Mom was home, and Mitchell put his tooth under his pillow that night with extreme excitement. He had a very hard time going to sleep. I went to check on him 2 hours after he had gone to bed and he was still wide awake, awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. He said, "Mom, I just don't know if I can do this! The suspense is tearing me apart. It might even be harder than waiting for Christmas!" Eventually he fell and asleep. And believe it or not, the Tooth Fairy came!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We were sitting down as a family this week for dinner and Madilynne kept saying, "Mason, HA-PPI-NESS, Mason, HA-PPI-NESS!" Paul was amazed that Madilynne had learned such a big word, "HAPPINESS." I let Madilynne repeat the phrase about 4 times and then explained to Paul she didn't know such a big word. She was actually saying in her 2 year old language, "Mason has a penis." So may all you men out there "HA-PPI-NESS" too! I now have to figure out what to say her body part is.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank Heavens for Washable Paint!

The kids and I spent a good couple of hours playing in paint. They had so much fun painting their feet, palms, and thumbs. Mason laughed the most when I painted his feet. It is very difficult to keep a 12 month old still to paint and then press their body part onto the paint. Madi couldn't get enough of it. I think we ended up making 10 or 15 extra pumpkins! Thank you for the wonderful craft idea Matti! We had a blast.

The three proud little pumpkins' displaying their beautiful Halloween wreaths!

"Is this a good spot for mine, Mom?"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The BiG 30!

I'll have to admit, I thought turning 30 would be horrible! But in all truth, it was a fun and memorable birthday. I am proud to say I am 30. I feel mature and grown up and more sure of who Heather is then ever before. I have 3 beautiful, fairly healthy children and a wonderful husband who supports me in whatever I want to pursue. I had a great birthday! My dear husband made sure of it. I felt important and loved, what more could I ask for?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Witches and more Witches!

We spent some almost free family time at Gardner Village. We enjoyed seeing the witches and many pumpkins. The kids dressed up in their Halloween Costumes and had a blast. We ate carmel dipped apples until dark and the watched the swans go to sleep. We had a fun family night!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Picking Pumpkins' and a trip to PCMC!

The Scott Family life wouldn't be complete without some visit to the emergency room; but before I explain the ending to a fun night take a look at a few of the cutest little pumpkins picking the pumpkins from our own garden!

After all that fun we were playing on the front lawn and Madilynne went towards the concrete stairs into the house and tripped and landed w/ a partially opened mouth on the step. A loud crack was heard and I knew it was more than just a bump. She was bleeding profusely from her mouth. After about five minutes the bleeding slowed and she had a large gash on her upper lip and a tooth pushed back. I took her to kids care and had two nurse come look at her and I was sent to Primary Children's Medical Center for stitches from a plastic surgeon. I went to PCMC and waited in the ER w/ many other children, coughing, vomiting, and screaming for 2 hours before we were called back to a room. In the room I saw a wonderful Pediatric resident who said we needed to sew the lip up, she just needed her attending to see it before she called the Plastic Surgeon. The attending came in and said it actually didn't need to be sewn! WHAT? I was fuming mad, not at the physician but at the way things had been handled! I will be fighting that ER Bill all the way! Anyway, little Miss Madilynne is still hurting and on a regular schedule of motrin with a very swollen lip, but the good news is, NO STITCHES and NO BROKEN TEETH!