Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Trip for Two - June 2010

Paul & Heather anxiously waited for their first flight away from the kids to Denver. Heather surprised Paul at Valentines Day with two tickets to Denver while the Red Sox were playing the Rockies.

Paul's Dad, Jack, just happens to LOVE the Rockies. He met up with us in Denver to enjoy a couple games at Coors Field.
Pedroia & Poppy played great. The games were intense......

The Rockies won the game, but Paul & Heather are the biggest winners. They had a fun filled couple of days to see and enjoy each other!

A Night w/ the BEE's - June 2010

Paul & I met up at the Bee's game on a warm summer night. Mitchell seemed CRAZY about the game and any fly ball!
Mason ate every last kernel of popcorn.
Paul was just thrilled to be out of the house and at ANY game! Baseball FEVER!
We had an enjoyable time and the kids had a blast! I'm not sure who won the game. Hmmm...