Sunday, March 23, 2008


Our Easter this year consisted of Paul and I switching turns taking care of sick kids at home to attend church, dishing out the Ibuprofen, and lots of juice and popsicles. Madilynne got sick on Wednesday w/ a fever of 103.5 and it only took three days for it to come down. Now she just has a yucky nose and a bad cough. Mitchell has a slightly subdued version and Mason so far shows no signs of being affected. All in all, we still remembered Christ and Mitchell gave his 2nd talk in Primary today on the importance of Easter. He did a fabulous job! We had our own family dinner and our own little Easter Egg Hunt inside (it was a little cool outside @ 47 degrees). I am still trying to access photos......Someday I will have a few more.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I have found some photos on my computer!

Let me start out by saying I feel like I am failing the blog world miserably. This should be such a simple task and yet I find myself putting it at the bottom of my list. I haven't been able to navigate thru my computer to upload all my great new photos I have downloaded to Photo Shop and some how I found a few tonight. I guess it is all a little trial and error. This week has been a little rough. Paul has worked the last 8 days in a row and I feel like I am a single parent. Very little alone time! Anyway, this month has shaped up to be good so far. Paul received a job promotion at work to Detectives. This means a day job, a nice office, and great days off. Oh, and possibly a little raise!

I have been faithful to myself this month. I promised I would get moving more. I feel a little more emotionally and mentally stable when I do. There have been some weeks I have ran as far as 15 miles. There are great physical benefits too. I have lost a total of 24 pounds since the beginning of the year and want to keep on going. Please keep the cheer leading going! Any way, I am going to do a few back postings to add a little more to my sorry little blog! I hope you enjoy it, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone elses!


Mason ( 5 1/2 months) & Mitchell ( 4.9 years) are a glimpse of the sunshine in my crazy life!
This is a cute shot of Mason after his 2nd hair cut! Brotherly love is great!