Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Franklin Basin, Logan Canyon

LEWIS REUNION 2009We had a great Lewis' Reunion in June this year up Logan Canyon at
Franklin Basin.
All my side of the family is actually in the photo!
24 in all, I think it's a first.

We camped, 4-wheeled, ate, and enjoyed each other's company & had SMORES!
We spent a day at the Bear Lake on the beach!
It was a little overcast, a slight breeze, but delightful!
We ended the afternoon w/ world famous Raspberry shakes &
then headed back to camp for a wonderful dutch oven dinner!
Heather tried a new recipe of Artichoke chicken
and dutch oven sausage-mushroom potatoes.
And of course we had peach & apple cobbler & more SMORES!
I don't think I have ever seen so much chocolate, graham crackers, and
marshmallows in one camp out!
Everyone contributed!
Two WHITE, HOT Mamas of three . . . Heather and Marcie!
I think I win on the most glow. . . that is in my legs of course,
I am not pregnant!
This girl is getting a little comfortable in front of the camera!

What can I say about Nathan and Camille except their 1 year anniversary is almost here!

Morgan and Christy contributed the Jet Ski's for the day at the beach and the most kids, four, in the family!
The cousins, Dallin, Elijah, Hunter, and Mitchell turned over the sand in hopes of possibly finding buried treasure. They had a blast!
Fisher looked a little bloated, but he never sank!
Justin and Jake, chillin' in the shade.
Heather and Madilynne loved the sun and water. I don't think Madilynne stopped smiling once. She LOVES and I mean LOVES the beach!
Justin, Angie, Addison, and Jake just came up for a day of fun @ the campsite and @ the beach. We loved seeing their smiling faces. Jake just loved eating the sand!?! What can I say.... more fiber?
Paul wasn't feelin' to hot @ the beach and he was the perfect bed for a little nap for Mason!
Grandpa delighted in sweet little hugs to help warm up cold wet little girls!
Mason had fun pushing the throttle on the Jet Ski to go for "WRIDE!"
Marcie and Fish enjoyed several rides on the 4 wheelers!
Kinsley couldn't figure out where her tongue was supposed to go.
I think these two smiles sum up the fun we had as a family!


TONY GROVE, Logan Canyon, UTAH

Where's Gilligan?


I'm not sure who was the skipper, or even movie star, okay, maybe Madilynne. But I can tell you what started out as a little walk to help the kids not be so bored fishing @ Tony Grove turned into a three hour hike around the entire lake! And it was just me and my three brave little hikers.

Mason ran about the first 2 miles around the lake. We took a lot of little stops and enjoyed the scenery. But the last 2 to 2 1/2 miles I carried Mason and coached the kids to keep moving the last mile to mile and a half. I was very impressed by their stamina and great attitudes. It was a fun hike and I am proud we did it.

Mason loved sitting by the water and throwing anything he could get his little hands on into the water!

They smiled at every stopping point and posed for more pictures.
Dad got hollered at all around the lake when we could see him. He just kept waving back and kept on fishing w/ Nathan and Camille.
The cutest whittle fisherman!
Two cute flower girls - Camille and Madilynne.

Mitchell might have scared away all the fish with his frightening faces!
We finished victoriously!

Belated 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July@ our house and a shmorgus-borg of family came from both sides of our families! We had a delightful BBQ and of course a visit to the Emergency Room.....
But it wasn't one of my kids this time.....Our nephew Jadon broke his arm being bounced by his "Big Kid Dad," Aaron, on the tramp. I felt awful!

The rest of us missed Jadon, Aaron, Amy, and Joshua, but pushed forward w/ somewhat legal fireworks and popsicles.

We roasted smores over a fire and then watched the big show from our front lawn after the Rodeo finished.

Adam really enjoyed himself!
Madi and Adi are only about 6 weeks apart. They thoroughly enjoyed the drinks and playing like little girls do.
Aunt Camille helped Mason enjoy his popsicle! He enjoyed the fireworks much more after the Paul's ear protection came out! He was sticky wet, messy grins!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mud Wrestling!

This is what happens when you say yes to turning on the hose for just a few minutes!The sand pit became the MUD PIT! And before I screamed I grabbed my camera to capture the innovative minds of two small mischievous boys!
Mason just thought the bath water was a little dirty, but it didn't stop him from taking a swim!
At least Madi had on her swim suit! And then Mom got to use the hose to wash each one of them off!


We took our first 4 wheelin' trip this year to the Uintas. Mitchell got to practice more on his 4-wheeler then just a round the block. He did a long 2 hour ride and did great. His only complaint was blister on his left hand from holding on to the handle bars a little tight!

Mason couldn't get enough of the rides! He got so excited if we even mentioned going for another ride he would grab what he called his "helmenot" and scream "WIDE, WIDE, WIDE" until everyone was ready to go.

The BIG catch!


We enjoyed our first trip as a family to Lava Hot Springs, ID. We drove about 2 1/2 hours North to what felt like a different world. We camped at the local KOA and enjoyed hot bathing on Friday night. The kids absolutely loved it. I loved how warm it felt and then started to feel a little weird sitting in a large, hot pool of water with about 100 other people. Just sitting. No splashing. No loud laughter, just sitting and relaxing. Any way, we had an enjoyable time and the kids went to bed relax and warm!

The next morning we headed off to a small trout farm just 2 miles west of the city called Smith Trout farm. We had a wonderful morning enjoying the gorgeous view and catching a few small fish.
After patiently waiting by Madi's reel, Mom finally got a bite. And boy was it a bite of a life time! Heather and Madi caught a 5 1/2 lb, 26 inch rainbow trout! What a fun day!

SMORES anyone?