Monday, April 28, 2008


It is amazing how the laughter of little bodies can warm your soul! The highlight of my day has been to watch my husband interact with my children and make them laugh. Their simple smiles and laughter are infectious! We, as a family, also enjoyed home baked (by that I mean, home-ground, whole wheat, from scratch) whole wheat bread. I am still searching for photos . . . . but I did unpack 2 more boxes today. I have enjoyed reading your blogs today!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Simple Support of Supporters

Its amazing how the simple smiles and "how you doing" make a world of difference. Lately I have just been struggling with the so called "simple" life of being a Mom. And I am not quite sure that word even sums up all that it entails. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I haven't slept thru the night in almost 2 years now and I really miss sleeping. The word Mother or Mom just doesn't cover it. I feel like I feel so many roles of cook, maid, counselor, nurse, financial supporter, inspector, bug killer, wife, dog's best friend, listner, teacher, neat freak, wash woman, toilet scrubber, fixer-upper. . . . . .I feel like I am rambling. I guess what I am looking for or striving for is peace in life. I am striving for normallacy. . . . And I have been told by others my life just isn't. Is my life so filled with trials and stressors that I am missing normallacy? I guess I am working toward making my life my normallacy. I just want others out there to know I appreciate the "atta girls." I am still trying to find photos on my computer. Any takers on helping with the task? Anyway, THANKYOU to ALL! Keep smiling and continuing to be kind.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

St. George Retreat!

We had our first family get away in a long time to St. George in April. The kids had a great time in the red sand of Grandpa and Linda's backyard that was under construction.

Mitchell practiced his T-ball skills and took Linda on a ride of her Life! Actually, Mitchell was very responsible in learning how to maneuver his 4-wheeler better. He took his first big ride with his dad and had a fabulous time, until his thumb got tired!
Aunt Cammy and Athena came to visit and also did Heather's hair while we were there. Mitchell's highlight was his ride on the big yellow bus, driven by his Aunt Mammy!
We love to go visit Grandpa and Linda in St. George. There is nothing like being with the ones you love!