Friday, July 1, 2011

A night with the Bees

June 2011

We had a fabulous, relaxing, fun night @ the Bees game. We enjoyed the grass out past left field. All the boys took their gloves in hope for a fly ball. Mason convinced an out-fielder to throw him a practice ball and he was extatic. We ran into some good friends and the kids loved riding the train and have a little room to wiggle their bodies.

Paul had the megatron show for all to see. He was running for a fly ball and slipped on the steep slope of the grass. Both feet flew out from underneath him and he landed flat on his butt/back. The fly ball popped right off his toe. The entire crowd growned at his pain. He quickly recovered and retrieved his earned ball.

The summer night was warm with a light breeze. It was a great family night!

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